Simple Steps, Simple Look

I have come up with six simple steps for straightening hair that I am going to use in my informational graphic.

How to Straighten Hair:

Step 1: Brush hair

Step 2: Apply heat protectant

Step 3: Section off bottom part of hair

Step 4: Straighten in small sections

Step 5: Release top part of hair

Step 6: Straighten the rest in small sections




Hair Tutorials

Over the last week I have been seeking inspiration for my assignment. I have been watching different hair style tutorials on YouTube. I noticed quite a few of the tutorials have very little steps/instructions. With these tutorials in mind I have decided that I will try to keep to a minimal amount of steps/instructions in my informational graphic. While some tutorials have very few steps others have quite a lot, this is usually because the people in the videos decide to include washing and blow drying hair as part of the process. I have decided not to include washing or blow drying in my informational graphic. By having to many steps my graphic could be at risk of becoming too busy and overwhelming.

Here are some of the tutorials that I have watched:

My How To:

So, i’m 94% sure that the process I want to illustrate in my informational graphic is the process of straightening ones hair. I think it will be fun to illustrate and will look really nice if I get it right. I’m going to start practicing creating faces and other shapes on Illustrator now. Until I have made something to show, enjoy this random picture of a hair straighter.



New Assignment

In class we have been given a new assignment. In the brief it is stated that we must create an informational graphic that is to illustrate a process visually. The choice of what process we illustrate in our info graphic is completely up to us. I still haven’t chosen a process to illustrate though I have been brainstorming a lot. I find researching and studying other info graphics is really helpful and inspiring. Here are a few that I think are really like:

memorial-day-infographic life-of-pee-640x274 10-Donts-Young-Professionals-need-to-know-Infographic 01fb5ee8cf2d13bd946b819e1a687127