Long time, No post

It’s been a while since I’v done a blog post. I can assure you that it’s not because I’ve been lazy. Quite the opposite really. The last few weeks have been hectic. Packed with assignment work but I’ve finally found time to work blog. In this post I thought id show you some of my work in progress. Here are some screen shots I took of the early stages of my social issue image being edited.

Here is the base of my image. I took this photo at my parents farm.


Next I created a new layer and on that layer I placed an image of eggs. To get rid of the background in the eggs image I used the magnetic lasso tool and the mask tool.


On other new layers I used the same tools to get rid of the parts of the egg image I didn’t want.



After using the magnetic lasso tool and the mask tool I would duplicate the layer and then turn it into a smart object.Image

Finally I used the heal tool to get rid of some unwanted marks on the eggs. I used the transform tool to enlarge the eggs and to place them in the exact spot I wanted them to be.


After all of this I started working on making the eggs look like they were actually sitting on the grass and making the yolk of the cracked egg red (to represent blood, hurt and cruelty). If I have time I will do a similar blog post on how I did that. I haven’t had any major difficulties with editing yet and I hope to have the whole image completed by tonight.




Today in class we had our critiques. Here are some of the things I took away from the critiques:

  • I need to take more photos
  • When I take more photos, I need to experiment with new angels
  • I need to use more photoshopping techniques to make my images more interest (and to get higher marks)

After the critique session I spent some time quickly throwing together this image: Image

This is a basic version of what I want my final edit to look like. I’ve edited the yolk to look red like blood. I’ve made the grass dull and placed bars (a cage) over the grass, separating the eggs from natural surroundings.

By next week, after trying out some different angles, I hope to have finished my final edit of this work.

Quick Sketches

I’m no artist, but I like to quickly sketch down ideas as they come to me. I always to go back to them after some time with a pen and pencil and add on to the original drawings. Personally this is my favourite way of developing my ideas.

Here are some sketches I found that I drew a few weeks ago regarding the visual communication of Romeo + Juliet and Chicken Battery Farming  in New Zealand.  [I drew these before I posted the Ideas for Battery Farming of Chickens so far: and My Chosen Film blog posts]


  1. Raw human heart with guns showing on either side
  2. Cracked eggs with red blood spilling out rather than yolk
  3. A male [Romeo] and female [Juliet] seperated by a fish tank


  1. Tattooed arm with Romeo + Juliet related images on it
  2. Star consolations forming Romeo + Juliet related images