WIP: Colour Schemes

To begin with I quite liked the simple, minimal look of a white background on my informational graphic. However, I know that leaving my graphic with a plain white background along with black images as well as text isn’t eye catching. So to make my graphic more attention grabbing I started playing around with colours.


My graphic is aimed at tween-teen aged girls. I think pink is universally known as a ‘girly’ colour so I tried adding it to my graphics image. I chose a really hot pink, which ended up making my text really hard to see. Overall the colour was to overwhelming.


Next I tried a blue. This blue isn’t as out there as the pink was. It’s nice and easy to look at and doesn’t make the text hard to read. Overall its nice, though, not quite what I wanted for my graphic.


Inspired by the soft blue colour, I then tried a soft pink colour. This colour worked a whole lot better than the hot pink. It’s girly, without being over whelming and it’s pleasant to look at. However, I think just having one colour as a background a little boring. Even though I am seeking a simple and elegant look, I think that a background like this makes it look like I haven’t put in much thought or effort into my graphic. Somehow I am going to have to find a way to create a background that is simple, but not boring.


I then tried adding colour to my text. I liked the idea and thought that it would turn out really well. But sadly I was disappointed with the outcome and overall look. The text may stand out thanks to the colour, but it is now harder to read in my opinion.


Lastly, I tried having two colours in my back ground. I like the idea of having more then one colour in my background but I don’t think it works this way. In this edit it looks like my graphic is meant to be split into two different part, which it isn’t. I like the idea a lot though, so i am going to work on different ways of incorporating two or more colours into my background.



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