Debate Image

For the second part of this assignment we had to visually communicate an issue of public debate. The issue I chose for my assignment was cage farming; focusing on the battery faming of chickens. I wanted to clearing show the idea of caging in my image. I wasn’t too keen on using actual chicken as I thought they would be too hard to photograph and edit. After brain storming I decided that I would use images of eggs. Eggs were easy to photo graph and edit. In my final image I have used a photo of some eggs sitting in an egg carton and one of the eggs is cracked. Then in photoshop I used some of the hue and saturation techniques that we had learnt in class to edit the yolk of the cracked egg to make it look red. I did this to symbolise blood, pain and cruelty. These were all of the things that came to my mind when I thought about battery farming of chickens. I used a single photo of a bar and duplicated it multiple times then used different transform tools to move and adjust the bars until I had created an image of a cage. This cage covered the eggs image and made it look like the eggs were trapped inside the cage. I took a photo of a grassy field from my parent farm and used it as the back ground of my image. The farm in the background represents where the chickens should be living, the cage represent where they are actually living. The cage helps symbolise how cruel it is to keep chicken from their natural habitat. I used the burn tool over the background image to make it look darker, this way the eggs and the cage stand out more. I also took a section of the grass and duplicated it. I then placed it over the cage and eggs images. After that I used the blur tool, smudge tool and eraser tool to blend the new layer of grass in to the background layer of grass. This made the cage and eggs look like they were really sitting amongst the grass. I added some shadows on the eggs where shadows would have fallen from the grass and cage bars.   All in all I hope that my image looks realistic and that when people see it they see a representation of cruelty.



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