Quick Sketches

I’m no artist, but I like to quickly sketch down ideas as they come to me. I always to go back to them after some time with a pen and pencil and add on to the original drawings. Personally this is my favourite way of developing my ideas.

Here are some sketches I found that I drew a few weeks ago regarding the visual communication of Romeo + Juliet and Chicken Battery Farming  in New Zealand.  [I drew these before I posted the Ideas for Battery Farming of Chickens so far: and My Chosen Film blog posts]


  1. Raw human heart with guns showing on either side
  2. Cracked eggs with red blood spilling out rather than yolk
  3. A male [Romeo] and female [Juliet] seperated by a fish tank


  1. Tattooed arm with Romeo + Juliet related images on it
  2. Star consolations forming Romeo + Juliet related images

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