My Chosen Film

The film I am going to use for part 1 of my assignment is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet.

Out of the three films I was considering for the assignment this was the one that I was most interested in and had the most ideas for.

Now that I have a film to focus on I can start to develop my ideas.

Ideas for Romeo and Juliet so far:

  • An image of a male and female separated by a large fish tank.
  • An image of a male dressed in a suit of armor and a female dressed as an angel embracing.
  • An image of a human heart along with some guns
  • An image of the letters R and J inside a love heart shape tattooed onto a young males arm.
  • An image of a gun, a shattered poison glass bottle and spilt liquid that has dripped into a love heart shape
  • Star consolations that shape into images of hearts, poison bottles, guns
  • Guns placed in a love heart shape

4 thoughts on “My Chosen Film

  1. This version of Romeo and Juliet entails extremely effective use of cinematography and I think this will give you a good platform to work off in terms of visual inspiration and ideas. I look forward to seeing which idea you go with for your image.

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