An issue of public debate:

Over the past two days I have been thinking about some issues in today’s society that might be worthy to focusing on for the second part the assignment.

One topic I would like to try communicating through an image is the issue of battery chicken farming in New Zealand.

Factory farming also affects pigs in New Zealand. Though I think I will focus solely on chickens. If I were to involve more animals my image could be at risk of being overwhelming.

I have found a few websites with good information on factory farming. Here are a few facts that I found on battery farming and chickens:

• 90 million chickens are killed annually for their meat.

• Up to 40,000 chickens are confined together inside large windowless sheds at a stocking density of 19 birds per square metre.

• Nearly 3.5 million chickens die annually from of health problems before six weeks of age.

• 38 per cent of New Zealand’s chickens experience difficulties walking.

• broiler chickens are reared to their slaughter weight of around 1.8 to 3 kg within just 6 weeks of being hatched (chickens are normally fully grown by 5-6 months). By selective breeding, the length of time broiler chicks take to grow to 2 kg has been halved in the last 30 years.

• Over the last 20 years, annual chicken consumption has increased from 14kg (1986) to an average 35kg of chicken meat per person per year.

Factory/battery farming websites linked bellow:


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