Symbols I relate to Romeo and Juliet:

I could possibly take my own photos of items similar to these images and use them in my assignment.

The bright, eye catching floral shirts worn in the film are a distinctive representation of Romeo and the other Montague characters.

Guns are showcased in the film a lot. Guns can symbolise anger and hatred which is one main concept in the film.


Love heart shapes are a classic way to depict love. I think that an image of a human heart could be a powerful way of depicting a raw and tragic love.


A bottle of poison can easily symbolise the tragedy and death in the film.


The film is well known for its fish tank scene where Romeo and Juliet meet each other for the first time. I could try incorporating this into my image.


Angel wings and a suit of armor. The famous costumes Juliet and Romeo are wearing in the scene where they first meet.Image

Stars, the term ‘star crossed often lovers’ is used to describe what the film is about and to describe Romeo and Juliet.



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